For tendon and ligament injuries, PAIN RELIEF starts with SportVisTM

Get back to your pain-free normal quickly after a soft tissue injury

SportVisTM is an innovative soft tissue injury treatment that offers effective pain relief that gets you back to your activities fast.

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Tendon injuries

Tennis elbow treatment starts with SportVisTM

Get effective pain relief and a quick recovery with SportVisTM.

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Ligament injuries

Sprained ankle treatment starts with SportVisTM

Relieve the pain and return to your activities quickly after a sprained ankle with SportVisTM.

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An innovative treatment option

What is SportVisTM?

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SportVisTM is an injection treatment that is clinically demonstrated to relieve pain and restore function in damaged tendons and ligaments. It is injected by a doctor trained in the specific technique.

It contains STABHATM, which is the only hyaluronic acid approved by Health Canada to treat soft tissue injuries.


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